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dk tank

Jetzt was ist eure Meinung welcher Tank soll es werden. Zocke jeden Tag im Wechsel dh /dk / Druide. Mir ist auch die M+ Meta ein stückweit. Aug. Der Blut Todesritter ist die Tank Spezialisierungen des Todesritters. Er zeichnet sich vor allem durch sehr starker Selbstheilung aus. Beim Blut-Todesritter handelt es sich um die Tank-Spezialisierung dieser Klasse. Alternative Bezeichnungen: Tank-Todesritter, Tank Death Knight, Tank DK. Olympia hockey live ticker your group is experienced and you understand jackpot cash casino no deposit bonus this build is designed to work you will be fine, if not you will probably be the last one alive everytime. Below will go through the thought process you should enforce in most encounters in the outlander spiel. Imperials have the highest stat pools, while Orcs have more dynamic utility. This site uses cookies. Bayern city for the nord passives I would say all of them was ist iq necessary towards this build and tanking in general. Plus the steed gives some pretty decent passives for tanks. Heavy attacking more and maybe putting some points into tenacity in the thief tree to get an even bigger boost. Subversion is optional, you could take Rune Tap or Spell Deflection. Major Sorcery and Major Brutality do not stack with other abilities that have that name so if a member in your group has casino film bg audio ability just wm deutschland england achieve that buff they can sub it for an ability with more damage. Fourth Ability on both bars: In that case I would probably use health enchantments instead of stamina enchantments to make up the difference in obtaining 40k health. All of my current gear is cp and most of it is gold.

I think its something you really need to get used to as it is not like a normal tank build. I think i might change the champion points a bit, as I died a lot because of damage over time effects and poison.

Glad to hear you tried my build, without the mighty chudan set the resistances drops almost 7k for spell and physical. Using hardened armor you can get about 5k of those resistances back but than you would have to use an extra active during the fight.

The ruins of mazzatuin is a tough dungeon with randoms, its a tough dungeon in general. I have done it several times with this build so I know its possible and I have done it without dying.

However everyone in the group really has to know what they are doing. You need two very good damage dealers and I would recommend a Templar healer who has spear shards on.

This dungeon is a killer on stamina especially with my build, having the gold pieces with sturdy helps a lot and so does stamina potions, spamming igneous shields as a DK restores stamina which helps as well.

Using the spell wall as a DK is also a good way to get stamina back. For any of the DLC dungeons, sometimes I change the guard to other skills that might be better for the situation.

This particular dungeon however is all about the mechanics and players on your team though. Putting vigor on and rotating between damage shields, spell wall, and vigor you stay alive forever.

I would recommend going in with an experienced group level cp or higher who has done this dungeon before. Not sure what area you are having trouble with but the area I usually have trouble with is against chudan.

Let your damage dealers run the poison, let your healer heal and provide stamina and you should be fine. If you have any other questions let me know.

I just got the Chudan helm last night. I managed to get lucky and find a group of randoms that knew what they were doing after a few boots of course and we killed the final boss on the second try!

I have the full set now and I have to say I enjoy this a lot. I am just resetting my skill points and stats to matxh. Not quite at the max yet for champion points though.

I am at How does this far against trial bosses? I can see it doing exceptionally well against the Warrior. Sometimes I run the Ferocious Leap ult combined with the two damage shields which gives a k damage shield for about 6 seconds which guarantees you could survive just about any one shot mechanic.

Most of the time that is overkill though. I would recommend keeping bastion and shadow ward at but everything else is fair game really for you to test different things.

In the dragon star arena I put on circle of protection because in a lot of situations we found ourselves staying close together. If you have any other thoughts or questions let me know or add me my IGN is the same as my user name.

Yeah I would imagine that you could swap those sets out, you would end up losing around 5k health which would effect your damage shields quite a bit.

Those two sets offer different give and takes, because igneous shields scales with your health while the bone surge is a synergy effect but still effective if they remember to activate it where as the Ebon set is just flat extra health at all times.

Let me know if it works out better than the plague doctor set. Just a quick question best option wise for attribute points, is it best as you have it up above 5 stamina and 59 magicka?

Well generally speaking, on a tank its always been my impression that having more stamina is important over all. Blocking requires a lot of stamina and usually as a tank you will have a fair amount of stamina abilities.

With my build however I went heavy into magicka because the build permits it. As a dragon knight using earthen heart abilities restores stamina and popping ult restores all your resources.

Since I went heavy into shielding, spamming igneous is beneficial for you and your team. You and they get a shield almost all the time and you are constantly restoring stamina.

The other reason I was able to go heavy into magicka is because I have all stamina enchantments and all sturdy traits which reduces the stamina block cost.

Also note that I went into the magician and warlord in the green tree to reduce the cost of stamina and magicka abilities and shadow ward for even more reduced block cost.

If you are not playing as a dragon knight you might have to go more into stamina, maybe as much as an even split.

What race and class are you playing as and what level are you currently, that will give me a little more insight into where you are sitting right now and how effective this build will be for you.

I am CP and have been using this build for two weeks with a couple tweaks in the skill bar and armor types. I cannot be killed and get compliments from constantly.

You have to be really on it to use this build right, but there are times where I save my group when the healer is dead and times where I tank the boss and pickup a teammate or two without trouble.

My only question is, how can I make this slightly more geared to PVP? Thank you for posting. This gives me high hopes for this build now.

BreatheTillDawn Glad to hear it, the build is very versatile and alterations can be made in a lot of different areas. PVP is a tough one, if you play in the non-cp your damage shield will be negligible.

When I do go into pvp with this build I put on chains, talons, obsidian shard, vigor maybe even cinder storm etc.

I go in before my group even if the mob is big and just focus on CCing as much as possible. When your ccing people into the ground a lot of panic ensues and you can easily survive with igneous and vigor.

Sometimes I put on coagulating blood and vigor. If you can get them to focus you, while you are ccing with a decent group of people you can come out on top in most situations.

Magnum Armor is a good ult for pvp too if you are going to play it like this. While you miss out on the Nords damage mitigation you gain the extra resources flat out.

You probably could go all into magicka since Imperial gets a much bigger boost in stamina and health. Or you could even probably get the stamina closer to 30k and the magicka around 15k.

I would mess around with it a bit and figure out which abilities are more important to you and how you want to play it. If I were you I would copy my build when you hit lvl , split the attributes between magicka and stamina, do a vet pledge and see whats lack luster.

From there you can decide what needs to be higher or lower. I tried this build on my Nord Tank and its awesome. I only have atm not plague doctor but i use Eternal Yokeda 5 pieces with the armor master and its a beast.

Yeah Eternal Yokeda is a cool set, I just prefer the high health. But having the high healing taken is actually a good combination. I play on the ps4, cheers.

What mudus do you use and if wanting a bit of weapon damage would it be best to put fighters guild skills on skill bar.

And does the weopon melee cp make a difference? Chrisyboy I believe I have the Lord on for extra health. For doing some extra damage, as a DK I would put on venomous claw, maybe a few more of the sword and board abilities like low slash or power bash.

The claw is very powerful, if you need more damage I would start there. If you run hist bark you no longer need shuffle but your resistances would be a lot lower.

I would recommend giving that set a try. The light armor passives would however be a nice addition to this build with increased magicka recovery and reduced cost.

The increase is percent based from mettle, my stamina and magicka are only at 21k which would only give an additional stats to each.

In my opinion deciding whether or not to run one light and one medium with this build is completely preference. As you can see though the differences are a give and take and would be very slight in either direction if any at all.

Would this build run well as a redguard? I like the stamina bonuses and passives for a little more stamina boost. That with the 40k health and 20k magicka could be nice.

Yes I think this build would run as a redguard, you would trade a lot of passive health from nord for stamina playing as a redgaurd.

In that case I would probably use health enchantments instead of stamina enchantments to make up the difference in obtaining 40k health.

Doing that would negate the stamina vs health passives and what you would really be trading is health recovery and damage mitigation for flat stamina recovery and on hit stamina recovery.

That being the case you would probably just have to adjust your play style a little bit to make better use of the passives and I would probably distribute the champion points a little differently as well.

Heavy attacking more and maybe putting some points into tenacity in the thief tree to get an even bigger boost. Im leveling this in a way that I get as many of the abilities asap but was wandering what passives to pick up as I go.

Any help is greatly appreciated. As for the nord passives I would say all of them are necessary towards this build and tanking in general.

From the DK Draconic power class, the essential passives are Iron Skin, my build only uses, most of the time, two abilities from this line. Elder Dragon is good but can be put on hold until you get more skill points same with burning heart.

Eventually you want to max all of these but with a small amount of skill points I would prioritize Iron Skin first. I would say from Ardent Flame generally all of the passives can be put on hold until you have a decent pool.

From Earthen Heart, Battle Roar is essential for a DK and in my opinion so is Helping Hands, my build focuses on damage shields which includes Igneous shields of which you will be spamming so helping hands is a must.

Like the Draconic Power tree though all of these skills are good and should all be maxed eventually. Also from the sword and shield tree, all of the passives are good and eventually should be maxed but if you are really constricted on points you could get away with ignoring deadly bash and battlefield mobility if you have too.

It also applies Major Fracture and Breach to the target, helping your allies deal more damage to them for 12 seconds. Try and use this when a boss is doing a lot of damage to your group!

Every bit helps, and this skill allows us to offer an AoE heal to us and 5 nearby allies. Resolving heals us more, while Echoing covers a larger area.

Until you get this skill, treat it as a flex spot. This morph ALSO adds an interrupt, allowing us to prevent groups of enemies around us from casting.

This is wonderful for large groups of enemies once you have them in position for your DPS to drop ultimates and DoTs on.

You may also activate the ability to get a moderate damage shield that can only absorb Spell Projectiles. Extremely helpful on fights with ranged magic attacks such as Rakkhat.

It also snares them for a huge amount, preventing them from covering a large amount of distance too quickly.

On top of this it will also grant us Minor Heroism for 9 seconds, granting us 1 Ultimate every 1. In AoE fights you should be casting Choking Talons over this!

Pull any non CC immune enemy to your position from up to 22 meters, and will refund the cost if the target was not pulled. It also has a moderate chance to grant your allies the Radiate synergy, which can do devastating damage to targets in an area.

The other morph will have a slightly larger burst heal, but it will not grant the Healing Taken or Stamina Recovery bonus. This means tons of resources AND health for your group, allowing more damage and healing to be done.

Furthermore, it also grants Major Force for 9. Try to keep this up as much as you can for your group, so they can do tremendous damage!

Shacklebreaker 6 trait crafted set, Morrowind — This set was a game changer for flat stats, as it brings a massive boost to Stamina AND Magicka, as well as some nice Regeneration bonuses to both.

This will help you block and cast more skills, so it works really well. This helps us become tanky AND offer group utility with more ultimates.

Experiment and find what you like! We run this on our armor so that it can all be gold for maximum group efficiency. There are many great options mentioned in the previous section.

It also helps make your Weakening glyph reduce the damage of targets it hits even more, making your team take less damage.

Consumables, Race, and Mundus Food: Back Bar ; Decisive or Infused here is preferred. Decisive helps improve our Ultimate generation while on this bar, while Infused will help make our Weakening glyph stronger and be able to proc more frequently.

Even mechanics that a boss might not directly be casting can be reduced by this glyph, making it extremely helpful. Master at Arms and Physical Weapon expert help us retaliate to opponents and deal some nice damage when we block attacks.

The rest go into the Apprentice to buff up healing done and unlock other passives like Foresight. Some tanks might never Dodge Roll, while other might never Heavy Attack.

Change up based on your play style.

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Dk Tank Video

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Dk tank - are mistaken

Insgesamt verfügt der Todesritter über sechs Runen. Scheibe der systematischen Regression. Welche Runen wir auswählen, hängt von der Spezialisierung ab. Bei Nichtspielerzielen werden lediglich einige wenige schädliche Zauber kopiert. Schleichender Tod Eure Fähigkeit 'Todesgriff' sorgt dafür, dass sich das Ziel für 8 Sekunden nicht schneller als mit normaler Bewegungsgeschwindigkeit bewegen kann. Cookies erleichtern die Bereitstellung unserer Dienste.

tank dk - above

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